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  - Higher Self , Emanuel Solaris Oriisis 
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Temple of the I AM

Conciousness Mentor and Guidance 
 Healing , Awakening taking young waking souls on to how to handle 
the Energy and Make it work with you not against you. 
 Self Awareness, Empowerment Tools,Channeling 
 of Higher Energy , Lord of Hosts Melchizedek Prophecy, 
Author of The Divinity Within You by Emanuel Solaris Oriisis 
It's all from your I AM Presence In your Heart

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Anti Stress & Abundance Soap, Hand Made, Olive Oil Base



Hand Made , 9 Essential OIL Mystical Blend to South your Body and Soul




a ritual sets the Intention to the universe that your claiming it


and while using magical herbs and essential oils you not only attract yet you are taking


affirmiteve action , In addition there are many moisturising and antioxidants in this Soaps


we use ourselves


 , they are round shaped as easier to use and energy moving in spirals as each chakra


Nutriton for The Skin and Soul


and right now they are on Sale at 10 USD plus shipping


a great value as we are now using oils in stock and of genuine quality


Shipping to the USA



ask about shipping rate if more then one.

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