Rev Joey Emanuel 
  - Higher Self , Emanuel Solaris Oriisis 
954 -744-0285 USA  

Temple of the I AM

Conciousness Mentor and Guidance 
 Healing , Awakening taking young waking souls on to how to handle 
the Energy and Make it work with you not against you. 
 Self Awareness, Empowerment Tools,Channeling 
 of Higher Energy , Lord of Hosts Melchizedek Prophecy, 
Author of The Divinity Within You by Emanuel Solaris Oriisis 
It's all from your I AM Presence In your Heart

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The Divinity Within You , Author Autographed Soft Cover


The Unedited Prophecy and Guidance of The Divinity Within You, inspires,makes direct contact with the reader and unites one's views with the Soul, Healing is a must and the cure is within You, Your needs are within You and your dreams become more Tangible. Regardless of your Origin, this book has no denomination , it has been a creation un-edited as to not change the purity of the message. Your Heart is at the Center of these pages. as we unify here as one World now and beyond 2012. The words Began to pour in for years the Author became the hands that typed the messages and put them together in Emanuel, the timing to share them came and that time is Now. Emanuel Solaris regularly receives messages from Archangels, Ascended Masters and pure Source about how to address the needs of humanity and individuals. Learn how to achieve harmony within your own life and get closer to God with "The Divinity Within You" Fear not what is natural to you and your awakening, your time is now. There is no Dogma, Karma or Religion that will interfere with the message(s) as they continue to bring out the best in each person who is reading it right now, there is Only One Unity, Once Voice and One Source in all of US Emanuel Exceeds expectations and new Transformation and Evolution occurs as you go through the pages

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