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Rev Joey Emanuel

aka Emanuel Solaris Oriisis mini bio:


Joey Emanuel was born in Habana, Cuba where his dad passed the day before his second birthday. At 5 Joey saw his father in spirit  which enabled them to have a full relationship throughout Joey's life.

Joey Emanuel's spiritual healing quest began in the early 80’s, after the passing of his best friend, who is also named Joey. To self-heal and in honor of his friend, Joey sought answers by expanding his understanding and awareness about health, healing and the Aids Epidemic.

With the help of gifted teachers and many books, Joey learned principles of metaphysics, meditation and alternative healing. He discovered the power of the mind and was drawn to study Humanistic Cybernetics at the University of Miami in 1992 with Dr. Rupert Salvadeau.

After many meditations and hours of study with a Light bearer named Solara, in June of 1992, Joey began working with Angels and Archangels. Once in atonement with Archangels He successfully channels prophecy from Melchizedek, Christ, the Ascended Masters the Council to the Elohim.

It wasn't Joey's quest for knowledge and understanding that provided the personal healing for the loss of his friend; but rather it came from an enlightening profound moment during meditation with the Bible. Struck by the direct revelation that his friend was still a form of energy even without a body. Joey realized that this non-physical Energy, is Spiritual with or without a physical form.

He states that "thoughts are energy and as God's Children, we automatically have and are God Energy." This revelation was clear: All is healable. It can even be prevented prior to physical manifesting.’s never not too late.

Joey discovered Reiki in 1996 and became a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. He is also the author of "The Divinity Within You" by Emanuel Solaris Oriisis. Joey Emanuel enjoys being a source of unconditional love and shares that with everyone in the south Florida area via workshops, presentations and private sessions of Master Guidance, Reiki, Past Life Healing, Etheric Surgery, and Rites of Passage as a Healing MEDIUM AND TRANCE CHANNEL, Deliverer of Truth.

Rev Joey Emanuel is a Member of the Universal Light Church and the Global Reiki Association. 



He  is a Member of Universal life Church as an ordained minister, he was born with a gift that has kept on Growing and all Healing are Unique and one to you , Taking you to a full steadfast faith. Non Denominational and Boundless Universal Energy




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